Gifted and Talented

Gifted and talented learners come from all races, socio-economic statuses, geographic locales, and environments. They display unique needs with unusual abilities and talents. These students merit intervention in an academic culture that nudges them out of their comfort zones while encouraging ownership of their educational journey. We believe that appropriate services can prepare gifted students for success. 

Mission Statement:
Madison School District collaborates with educators, families, and communities to nurture the unique needs of above-average learners. Differentiated and cross-curricular learning experiences provide greater depth and complexity, which allows students to move beyond the core curriculum. Advanced interventions are designed to meet the unique social, emotional, and cognitive needs of individual students. 

High-ability students are passionate about learning and problem-solving. To better cultivate these characteristics, Madison School District’s gifted and talented program strives to:

  • Develop critical thinkers who are able to authentically contribute to their community.

  • Provide rigorous and relevant learning.

  • Inspire creativity through student choice.

  • Develop increased task commitment.

  • Establish a growth mindset to help meet challenges with persistence.

  • Empower students to be lifelong learners in a rapidly changing world. 


Madison School District Programs

Elementary Discovery (Grades 2-4) 

The Gifted & Talented Program at Madison School District begins in second grade.  GT facilitators provide a targeted curriculum for students in their respective school buildings as a pull-out once a week.  

Middle School AIM (Grades 4-6)

AIM (Alternative Instruction Model) is a self-contained environment offered in fourth, fifth, and sixth grades for gifted students. The AIM classes have high expectations, move at a faster pace, and maintain an enriched rigorous curriculum.   

Jr. High & Madison High School (Grades 7-12)

Madison School District strives to design individual educational paths for all students, not just those who qualify for gifted and talented. You can access the diverse advanced academic opportunities by contacting the counseling office at Madison Junior High or Madison High School.


District Gifted and Talented Coordinators

Sharee Barton
District Gifted and Talented Coordinator
359-3315 ext. 3630

Sarah Jones
District Gifted and Talented Coordinator
359-3315 ext. 3628