English Language Learners

The Madison School District’s EL program’s (formerly called Limited English Proficiency or LEP) primary goal is to help EL students acquire English language skills. These English language skills include both basic communication and academic language skills. The English language development areas include speaking, listening, reading, writing, and comprehension. 

To be eligible for the EL program, the student must have a primary home language other than English, and show a need for language services. All students that have a primary home language other than English will be given the Idaho EL Placement Test. A student will be eligible for English language services if their test results indicate that they are at the Beginning or Intermediate Level. They may also qualify if their overall level is at the Advanced level, but have a subgroup score in Speaking/Listening, Reading, or Writing that is at the Intermediate or Beginning level.                        

When a student qualifies for English language services, their parents are notified and given the opportunity to waive services. Each student that receives services will have an ELP plan that is developed using either the Idaho EL Placement Test or the Idaho English Language Assessment results.