Madison seeks to renew current levy on August 30, 2022

In a regularly scheduled June board meeting, the Madison 321 Board of Trustees unanimously voted to seek renewal of the two-year, $ 1.995 million dollar a year operational levy. The election to renew this levy will be facilitated by Madison County and is set for Tuesday, August 30, 2022.

“We appreciate the taxpayers and patrons placing value in education and keeping this levy in place the last eight years. We believe the district has been very good stewards of these levy dollars and hope you continue to trust us to fill the ongoing needs, which require ongoing funds, here within our district.” 


   Madison Superintendent, Randy Lords

The levy will focus monies on certain, specific areas that reflect

continuous, important district needs.

Madison Cares Mental Health Programs

Madison Cares was established by federal grant funding over 12 years ago in our community and has been addressing and filling mental health needs in our community ever since. While state and federal funds no longer exist to fund this program, we look to the community to help fund this amazing program that has developed. While there are dozens of community based, mental health centered programs, events and services that Madison Cares provides, some of the most heard of are, Celebrate You, Start With Hello, Parents As Teachers, Boss Clubs and Summer Camps. These are just a few of their programs that serve the community. What is not seen is the thousands of children, parents, and youth they interact with, educate, counsel, and support each year as they navigate mental and emotional health issues.


Salaries and Benefits (Restoring Two Paid Teaching days)

These are additional instructional classroom contact days with students. These two days will include all certified and classified staff - five days were cut when the recession occurred. Continuing to restore these two days is a positive step in the right direction for our teachers.


Security, Technology, Renovations & Maintenance

 All these areas are constant needs due to things getting older and the excessive wear and tear on them. As things get older and outdated, they need to be replaced. With security monies, old and broken security cameras will be replaced as well as well as adding new ones for more full coverage and less blind spots.   Bullet and tamper resistant glass will also be installed on windows larger than 1x1.  Upgrading technology is a must and assists directly with college and career readiness. This is a continuous, ongoing process as we phase out and replace old (10+ years) machines, labs, and devices. Preventative maintenance makes sense. We seek to keep our buildings and equipment in fine working order and not delay repairs. There are many ongoing costs some of which include, desks, roof and pavement resurfacing, toilets, water fountains and many other simple elements to a school that add up when you apply it to all buildings. With thousands of kids using these things each day, they wear out and/or break more frequently than in a home. We work to stay on top of these ongoing needs. Two of the larger projects we have slated are gym floors and AC units in both Jr. High Gyms.  


*TOTAL- $1,995,000 (each year) *Same amount since 2012

 For levy questions, contact a building administrator or the district office at (208) 359-3300

Frequently Asked Questions