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Madison Board of Trustees

Holly Allen

Holly Allen- Zone #1

Title: Zone # 1


Holly Allen was elected to the Board of Trustees in July 2015 and began her second term January 2020 as representative from Zone 1. Holly grew up in Rexburg and attended Madison schools, K through 12. She is married to Joe Allen and they have three daughters, all who have attended Madison. 

Holly earned a bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University-Idaho and a Master's Degree in Health Education from Idaho State University. She is passionate about education and believes that all children have the right to learn in a safe and healthy environment. She is excited to keep working hard with the other Board members and Superintendent to continue making Madison School District the best in the State. 

Holly works in Healthcare Administration; she is the CEO of Henry's Fork Surgery Center and manages Premier Eye Care of Eastern Idaho in Rexburg. Previously she worked in the Emergency Preparedness department at Eastern Idaho Public Health and as faculty at BYU-Idaho for over 13 years. 

Holly is the founder and director of Idaho's largest soccer tournament, the Yellowstone Cup and loves coaching girls soccer with the local club.

You can reach out to Holly at

Brian Pyper

Brian Pyper- Zone #2

Title: Zone #2


Brian Pyper, a physics professor and Director of Physics Education at BYU-Idaho, joined the Madison School Board in 2012 to represent the patrons of Zone #2.He and his wife Heidi moved their family to Rexburg in 1999 and have raised their children here, their three older children graduating from Madison High and their youngest still attending the Madison Schools.  

Pyper is the oldest of 8 children and grew up in Salt Lake City, graduating from Olympus High School in 1984.  Pyper holds degrees in physics from three different universities in Utah – a Bachelor’s Degree from Brigham Young University (Provo) in 1991,  a Master’s Degree from the University of Utah in 1994, and a  Ph.D. from Utah State University in 2003.  He currently serves in leadership positions on national physics and education committees and is a member of the American Physical Society, the American Association of Physics Teachers, the National Science Teachers Association, the Idaho Science Teachers Association, and the National Ski Patrol. 

Pyper served for 15 years in the Utah Army National Guard and is a lifelong Scouter. He served for 12 years as a staff advisor for the National Youth Leadership Cedar Badge Course and was awarded the Scoutmaster Award of Merit and the Silver Beaver award. Pyper is also a lifelong musician and plays trombone with the Yellowstone Brass Quintet. In his free time, he enjoys all kinds of outdoors activities and pursuits, reads voraciously, and loves spending time with his family.

Pyper firmly believes in a well-rounded and robust education for all and is devoted to serving our wonderful community and helping to balance the diverse needs and interests of Rexburg’s students, families, and citizens. Pyper is engaged with educational concerns at the Regional, State, and National level as well and has served in various leadership positions on the Executive Board of the Idaho School Boards Association since 2016.

Pyper encourages district patrons to contact him with questions or concerns via letter or phone in care of the Madison School District offices at Madison School District #321, 60 W Main St, Rexburg, Idaho, 83440 Phone: 208-359-3300 or via email.

Ryan Laird

Ryan Laird- Zone #3

Title: Zone #3


Ryan Laird has been a member of the Madison School Board since 2015. He is a longtime resident of the district and a graduate of West Jefferson High School. Ryan grew up in a small farming community that is just a short distance from Madison County. Ryan holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Healthcare Management, which he received from Western Governors University and currently works in the healthcare field.

Ryan’s motivation for running for the school board position was to give back to his community. He felt that the Rexburg community helped him to raise his kids, so he wanted to pay it forward. Ultimately, Ryan strives to provide a place where kids take pride in their school and feel safe. Ryan is passionate about ensuring that all students have access to a high-quality education that prepares them for success in college and future careers. 

Ryan and his wife, Stephanie, have two children who both graduated from the Madison School District. Rook, his oldest son, is currently a commercial pilot. His daughter, Kenadie, graduated with her MBA in Healthcare Management in November of 2021, following in her father's footsteps. Ryan has two grandchildren, Mila and Kres, whom he adores and loves to spend time with. In Ryan’s free time, he enjoys being in the mountains, traveling, and being with his family.

As a school board member, Ryan is committed to working collaboratively with other board members, district administrators, teachers, and families to ensure that the district is meeting the needs of all students. Ryan continues to strive to make an impact so that Madison students from all backgrounds have access to the resources they need to have a head start in life and be successful.

Justin Egbert- Zone #4

Justin Egbert- Zone #4

Title: Zone #4


Bio Coming Soon

Kevin Howell

- Zone #5

Title: Zone #5


Joe Palmer joined the school board in 2023, representing zone 5. Joe grew up in Rexburg and attended Madison schools K-12. He is married to Tiffany Palmer and they have four children, two boys and two girls. 

Joe believes every student deserves a supporting team of individuals who care for them and the success of their future. Because of the “team” who never gave up on him he was able to graduate high school and eventually go on to earn his Master’s in Business Administration. Joe will be that voice for those who need a “team” behind them including: student’s, parents, staff and community members. 

Helping kids grow, develop their talents and confidence is one reason why Joe has coached various youth sports and teams. He believes there are many life lessons that can be learned from being part of a “team” (any group working together). Joe is excited to work with the other school board members and administration, facing situations head on to continue to build up the #bobcatnation because “It’s a great day to be a bobcat!”

He enjoys supporting his children in their activities, hunting, being outdoors, training his dogs and going on family adventures.