Clinical Services

Studies have shown that developing comprehensive school mental health programs help students improve academic performance, have increased access to experiences that build social skills, have greater opportunities for leadership, increase self-awareness skills, and gain caring, supportive connections to adults in their school and community. Mentally healthy students are more likely to go to school ready to learn and engage in the learning process, are more likely to actively engage in school activities, have supportive and caring connections with adults, can navigate relationship challenges with peers and adults more adeptly, use appropriate, more effective problem-solving skills, are less likely to utilize aggressive behaviors, and overall, contribute to positive school culture and environment. While the majority of students are mentally healthy, the Center for Mental Health in Schools estimates that 12% and 22% of school-aged youth have a diagnosable mental health disorder. Given the amount of time students are in school, schools play an increasingly critical role in supporting these students by providing a safe and supportive, non-stigmatizing, natural environment in which students and their families have access to prevention, early intervention, and treatment for mental health challenges. Madison Cares is a mental health program embedded within the Madison School District. All clinical services and programs offered by Madison Cares are provided at no charge.