My Ascension

Did you know this month is Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month?

Did you now that YOU can help prevent suicide simply by becoming educated and informed on the topic?

Madison Cares is providing an opportunity for YOU to learn more to protect the children and youth in our community and in your life.

On Monday, September 26th from 6 pm to 9 pm at the Madison High School Performing Arts Center, they will be hosting a screening of the incredible film, My Ascension. After the screening, there will be a panel of mental health professionals and community members to answer questions about suicide, mental health, and suicide prevention.

Please, plan to attend with your teens and become informed together.

My Ascension is A Documentary Film and Movement to Spread Hope and Fight Suicide. A suicide attempt left 16-year-old varsity cheerleader Emma Benoit paralyzed but propelled her on a mission to use her painful experience to help others find hope and stay alive.