Preschool/ Early Childhood Special Education

Madison School District offers an integrated preschool program that serves children ages 3-5 with and without disabilities. Children with special needs are placed in preschool classrooms alongside children of their own age who demonstrate typical development and can act as good models for language and social skills. The focus of the curriculum is on the developmental areas of Cognitive Skills (including pre-academic and academic skills), Communication Skills, Personal/Social Skills, Adaptive Skills, and Motor Skills.

Interested in having your child be a peer model?

A typical peer model must:

--Turn 3 years old on or before September 1 st

--Be fully potty trained

--Possess strong social and communication skills

--Be able to follow directions and attend to tasks for four to five minutes

--Live within Madison School District Boundaries

Currently, the Madison preschool program runs Monday through Friday with morning and afternoon sessions available. Students that are three years old attend two days a week and four-year-old students attend three days a week.

Tuition for the spring semester (January–May) is currently $210 for students who attend two days a week and $295 for students who attend three days a week. The fall semester (August-December) is currently $180 for students who attend two days a week and $255 for students that attend three days a week.

If you would like to enroll your child in our program as a peer model you can click the following link to submit an application or contact Kathy Hanosky through the Special Services office at 208-359-3315. 

Peer Model Application

Peer Model Application - Digital

Have concerns about your child’s development?

Preschool special education services are the best way to help children ages 3-5 who have a delay or disability. Madison School District provides preschool special education services in an inclusive environment along with related services as needed such as Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Language Therapy.

Your child may need preschool special education services if he/she has a delay in development. A child may be eligible for special education services if they are not able to communicate, play, move, interact or learn like other children their age. An evaluation is the best way to know if your child needs preschool special education services. During an evaluation, a qualified professional observes and interacts with your child in a preschool setting and some assessments may be given. Evaluations are offered at no cost.

If you are not sure if your child’s development is age-appropriate you can look at this checklist provided by the CDC to see what children should be able to do at their age.

Check My Child's Development

If you have concerns about your child’s development and would like to refer your child for an evaluation to determine if they qualify to receive special education services you can click the link below to submit a referral.

Preschool Referral Form

Preschool Referral Form - Digital

Is English the 2nd language in your home?

Madison School District currently offers two preschool sessions for children who do not yet speak English. This English Language Learning session is provided alongside English Speaking peers and is offered the year before they enter Kindergarten and is free of charge. In order to qualify for the Preschool English Learning Program the student must:

--Live in Madison School District Boundaries

--Have a first language other than English

--Speak very little English

English Learner Preschool Application

English Learner Preschool Application -Digital