Madison Levy Election
Starts 8/28/2018 @ 8:00 AM Ends 8/28/2018 @ 8:00 PM
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On April 192018 in a regularly scheduled board meeting, the Madison 321 Board of Trustees unanimously voted to seek renewal of the two year, $ 1.995 million dollar operational levy. The election to renew this levy will be facilitated by Madison County and is set for Tuesday, August 28, 2018.


“We appreciate the taxpayers and patrons placing value in education and keeping this levy in place the last four years,” said Assistant Superintendent Randy Lords. “We believe the district has been very good stewards of these levy dollars and hope you continue to trust us to fill the ongoing needs within our district.” 


The levy will focus monies on certain, specific areas that reflect continuous district needs:

- Restoring Two (2) Paid Teaching / Contact days: $215,000- These are additional instructional classroom contact days with students. These two days will include all certified and classified staff - five days were cut when the recession occurred. Restoring two days is a positive step in the right direction.

- Security: $205,000- All schools will be installing and / or upgrading security cameras. Bulletproof glass will also be installed on all windows larger than 1x1. 

- Technology: $425,000- Upgrading technology is a must and assists directly with college and career readiness. This is a continuous, ongoing process as we purchase and upgrade new labs.

- Curriculum: $500,000- Textbooks and other materials are essential and expensive. There are a few major curriculum adoptions coming up in the next two years and the state provides only a fraction of actual curriculum costs. 

- Facility Needs: $350,000- Preventative maintenance makes sense. We seek to keep our buildings and equipment in fine working order and not delay repairs. Two of the ongoing and costly projects are roofs and the resurfacing of parking lots. 

- Transportation: $300,000- The district has a total of 57 buses in our fleet. In order to keep up with our growing student population and the wear and tear on the buses, we plan to purchase three buses each year and phase out the oldest ones. It is very important to transport students safely and reliably to and from school each day.

*TOTAL- $1,995,000 (each year) *Same amount as the last four years

“I believe Madison School District 321 is the finest district in the State of Idaho,” comments Superintendent Dr. Geoff Thomas. “One of the key reasons, aside from our amazing staff and students, is that we live in a very supportive, education minded community.”  


For levy questions, contact a building administrator or the district office at (208) 359-3300.


For voting information or polling information visit:

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