Board Of Education

Kevin Howell
Kevin Howell
Title: Zone #5

Kevin Howell, owner of Howell’s Honey, has beehives that dot the region in river bottoms and fields. He also keeps a few just behind his house. His school board responsibilities remind him of his profession. “It’s something you’re never far from,” he acknowledges.

Howell “never envisioned” serving on a school board. long time representative of rural Trustee Zone #5, this down-to-earth beekeeper will have you sitting down to dinner as quick as he’ll hand you a jar of honey from one of his hives. He has no agenda — his concerns rest solely with the students.

He wonders why some people seem nervous approaching the school board, when he feels “no difference” between him and any patrons of Madison School District. Until a vacancy occurred in his zone and the option was suggested to him, he had never previously given it consideration. The idea stuck in his head — school board issues haven’t left his mind since.

The source of his greatest joy in the work is “making changes and seeing them take positive effect.” Howell finds strength when five independent thinkers come to a unified, informed decision. He feels that the “unfolding” of three new schools in the district (new high school, two elementary schools) are strides in providing a quality education in Madison.

Howell was appointed to the board after a vacancy in 2003, and was elected soon after. He lives with his family in Archer.