Mary Ann Nielsen
Transportation Supervisor



Sychronize your clocks with ours so you'll know when your child's bus comes. Please have your children at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time and inform your children to go home if the bus does not show up after 10 minutes.


Dear Patrons,

We, in the Madison School District, share an equal concern with parents regarding the safe transportation of children to and from school.

On the following pages you will find rulespolicies, and procedures regarding riding school buses in the Madison School District.

We ask that you help us in our effort to teach your children to be aware of and understand the bus rules. Doing so will ensure a safer ride for your children.

We encourage everyone in the community to be extra cautious when driving in school zones and around school buses. Please stop when red flashing lights have been engaged and remain stopped until school bus lights have been turned off. NEVER pass a school bus if lights are engaged!  

We thank you for your support and cooperation in making the school bus ride enjoyable and safe for everyone.

Bus Routes

You may go to Transfinder to find our bus routes.

Field Trip Request 

To request a bus for your field trips you can go to InfoFinder