1st grade

Bates 2021

Mrs. Bates




I went to school at Southern Utah University to study Theatre Education and Spanish with the intention of teaching High School. I started a family instead and 12 years later became a Kindergarten para. I found that I loved it! The growth in small children in Kindergarten and First Grade is incredible and I knew I wanted to get my Elementary Teaching Certificate. Five years ago, that is what I did.

I believe in the Genius of Play. I think that children learn best when they are playing, having fun, and making choices on their own. Through play, children learn life skills, they take risks, they problem solve and find out their passions. Play helps children to collaborate, think deeply, and build social skills. That is what my classroom is about. My classroom may be loud. It may be messy. It may look like chaos. But the children are learning how to be successful in school and in life. I want my students to be children first. They will never be 6 and 7 years old again. But they will leave my class loving school and wanting to come back every single day!



Mrs. Sutton